Smart Casual Jeans

When going for the smart/casual look I would say the best thing to do is stay clear of trousers and stick to jeans. Trousers with a suit jacket will sit you comfortably in the smart side of fashion and that isn't what we are going for. When looking for that perfect pair of jeans to rock the smart/casual look stick with a neutral palette. Go with darker colour like navy and classic black. With a pair of nice boots this will go down a treat. Be concise of fit though. Go for something slimmer and better fitting. With the suit jacket this will make you look ultra modern. Looser fitting jeans and baggy jeans will take away from all the work you put into defining your smart/casual look and will throw you way into the causal side again without even trying. If you are looking for something a good fitting pair of denims then have a look that this Superdry discount codes. They have all the latest trend and styles in a multitude of colours and cuts. You will definitely find something here to fit your new look.

And there we have it. Our definitive guide to the smart/casual look. Hopefully this shed a bit of light on the otherwise muddy subject. The rule of thumb is this. If you would be quite happy wearing it to at a networking meeting with your laptop and notepad under your arm confident that you are going to drum up some new leads and clients then you are rocking the smart casual look